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I Feel Bad For Masseuse Daters

Journals Recent Entries Best Entries Best Journals Journal List Search Journals. Community Links Members List. Date a massage therapist to get a dose of jealousy. My girlfriend, Andrea, is a massage therapist. I have a problem when she meets new men that she gives a massage to. Dating massage therapist cannot stand to hear about them. Either way when I hear about them I become either jealous or disturbed. Jealous of the fantastic and disturbed by the sleazy.

I prefer to be disturbe because at least then her and I are both on the same page. I am worried that she will see something in them that she does not see in me. Indeed she uses such an ecstatic connotation when describing them to me. This situation is even deeper than the shallow remarks that I just made. I am constantly searching dating massage therapist make sense out of life.

In this constant search I have come upon things that I have grown to believe. One of these is that we are one. Her and I and you and him and them and God. It is all the same at what I call the bottom of the bottom, and I can experience knowing this and the slightly better mood that it puts me in but that can go away with one phone call. I can tell myself a thousand times that I am for me and my own growth has nothing to dating massage therapist with anyone else, even Andrea.

So I feel better, because I am God, and God told me so. So what do I do? I want her to know even though I know her response will be a clear message that I am being ridiculous. It is my emotion-trap. Dating massage therapist heard of that one before? Me either until I met Andrea and fell head over my clumsy heels for her. Are feet an intimate body part to anyone else? Why does that just seem perverse to dating massage therapist You have nothing to worry about.

But as soon as I tell myself this I begin to create a mental image of the vegan whose mucous free body gets to be rubbed all over by my girlfriend. The bottom line of my mental image of these fantastic ones is that they are always better for her in my mind than I am. Is dating massage therapist because I want her all to myself?

I know that to want something like that is a hindrance to both of us. I know I know it I know it but who cares because the knowing never changes the wanting. It is the absurdity of this contradiction between my philosophy and my experience that is the source of my latest frustration dating massage therapist life. So back to the point here, which if I stop typing Dating massage therapist just did and try to think of leaves me blank but still with that discomfort.

Oh yeah, the point was the answer to the question why do I get more worried by the promoted massage client. It is because of the greatest source of my dating massage therapist, non-acceptance. She accepts him on a level that she would not just accept anyone else on. This means he is special to her. So to the degree that I am more special than the non promoted, I am that much less more special to her than the promoted. In the race to win Andrea, he has just taken a giant leap toward the front runner.

I know that I am the front runner, but I take no solace in that. I take fear in losing that, and that fear makes me want to let him catch up to me so that I can trip his ass and watch him fall. So then my mind says to itself. The fear dating massage therapist losing something is futile because you have everything that you will ever need wrapped up in the warm embrace of your loving soul. If you fear that you will lose something it is not you that fears the loss but your ego.

It makes me frustrated that I can know that and not experience it. I makes me want to stop typing this now. I guess the answer is either to lock her up in a box and take from her what I want and allow none dating massage therapist anyone else or to set her free from the secure restraints of my insecurity. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode.

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This is the place! Date a massage therapist to get a dose of jealousy My girlfriend, Andrea, is a massage therapist.

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