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EXO, iKON, dating rumours?

iKON Kim Jin Hwan & AOA Jimin’s Past Dating Rumor Resurface

P's Marijuana Scandal Highlights Cultural Differences. On February 28, a picture originally shared by the variety show 'Unpretty Rapstar' began circulating around online communities Instiz and Nate. The picture shows Jimin texting the 'Unpretty Rapstar' scriptwriter via KakaoTalk complete with emojis and aegyo. But netizens are not so much interested in what Jimin had to say than they were in her KakaoTalk profile picturewhich features a corgi relaxing on a red cushion.

In her update below, a corgi puppy ikon member dating sm be seen sitting next to a red cushion; the sister writes in her caption, " New member of the family. The original Instagram picture has since been deleted. Netizens believe that this is evidence that Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan are close--to the point that Jimin would use Kim Jin Hwan's pet as her profile picture as if the pet were her own.

She doesn't remember what she said on broadcast and is acting against her words, isn't she? To those who shield her, I have no comment keke. Meanwhile, the reaction on Instiz seems to be more light-hearted speed dating buckinghamshire s comments read: Ikon member dating sm HUMANS TOO, THEY CAN DATE!!! I'm not against them dating tho but, leave him and Jimin alone.

And so if they are dating? Us, iKONICS and Elvises, as I've heard need to support them in anyway. Jinwhan wants to live his life peacfuly and so does Jimin but, the fans won't leave ikon member dating sm to be. Would you feel OK when you have fans sassaengs following you every where? I don't think so. Let's just forget what happened and never talk about it again.

It's done, you got what you wanted, be happy. This is pure crap! When people go out they can be 'besties' too. I was suspensioned of dating my friend when we just went out. Ik this was a long time ago but reading this I have no words. If I wear the same ring or the same shoes like Jinhwan, doesn't mean that I'm dating him. The corgi thing, I can use that pic too. Doesn't mean that she said "not gonna date" ;that she can't date. Not really related to the things inside the article, but it's kind of sad how there are rumors about him already even before he debuted.

It will affect IKON's debut wether you think it will or not When people fear a group, they hate on them from the first time, or they spread rumours, take a look at winners. Both groups WInner and iKON had rumours long before debut and "scandals" Look at Lovelyz, what bad rumour was that? Accusing one of the girl, for rape That is even worse, that is probably the worst thing someone can say about another person, except of murder I don't why fans go off when a celebrity dates.

Who are you to deny them of love. Just because she said she wasn't going to date doesn't mean that she meant that she was going to stay single forever. Gosh, if you're really a fan then just let them be happy. P's Marijuana Scandal Highlights Cultural Differences On February 28, a picture originally shared by the ikon member dating sm show 'Unpretty Rapstar' began circulating around online communities Instiz and Nate.

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