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Twitter Facebook Instragram Pinterest Youtube. Be on The Show! Get The Newsletter Subscribe. They say Kirsten was once an honor roll student with a personal dating ads future until she daugbter seeing John -- against their wishes -- and stopped pursuing her dreams. Now, they claim Kirsten is in a rollercoaster relationship with a man who becomes dr phil daughter dating bad boy, throws her out on the street at the slightest provocation and leaves bruises on her body.

What can these concerned parents do to protect their daughter and unborn grandchild? Is there hope for their relationship? And, what does John have to say about his behavior? Find out what happened on the show. Feb 11, 15, Why did this girl have to write to Dr Phil several times, and in her words "I'll write every day if I have to". Why wouldn't her family help her?

They say they love her, but where cbs 3 reality dating show they every day when she needed help? They were there, but they were judjing her and critising her instead of folding her in their arms raughter understanding. Dxting innocent baby being brought into this world and likely into a wretched life.

Pre marital teenage sex should be made illegal and marriageable age raised to 21 yrs old. People assert that teens are immature and reaches adulthood at 21 so this faughter be the threshold for starting a family. By this age they would at least have a general education, jobs and would be able to set up bac home. Laws are required because it is obvious that pjil people have no self control. This is one case where his parental rights need to be terminated legally and perhaps an adoption lawyer can arrange for a semi open adoption.

I would HATE to be in that position. The mother wore the same rose coloured glasses as you and permitted her daughter, who was still a minor and under her supervision, datimg date a 29 year old ex-con. What on dr phil daughter dating bad boy was she thinking?! She is now forced to live in hiding and will have to give birth away from her parents and friends. This so-called gift from God was expected to be born with the job of forcing its grandparents to accept the man who abused their daughter and coerced her into bog pregnant so that he can keep a tighter hold dafing her.

After this, if she is to lead any kind of normal life and finish her education, she will either have to hand over her child to her parents and do battle with the ex-con for the next 18 years or consider adoption. I know Kirsten because I AM her. She doesn't know the meaning of love. Only what John tells her. She wants so desperately to believe his lies.

It is called denial, and we usually wake up dahing late. Honey, why do you suppose he picked someone nad much younger than himself? Because you are inexperienced, and easily manipulated. A woman his own age would see him coming and steer clear. I'm sure you've heard his sob stories Yes, he IS damaged. Again, NOT your problem. You can't fix him. He WILL get worse, I promise you.

We always think we are the exception until it is too late. Abusive men are all alike and follow the same script. You will understand once you start to clear your head and get your self esteem back. Maybe you can work with other abused women and save a life or two. By the grace of God, I got out alive, with no children. He knew bac he was doing when he knocked you up. PLEASE give that baby up if you love it and want it to have a happy life.

You will be datng my prayers. I hope Dating polygamy puts the child up for adoption. Otherwise she dwting the child will forever be connected to John. An adoption lawyer should be involved to assess state laws in order to ensure that John cannot lay claim to their child, which would cause disruption in boh child's and adoptive famiiy's lives. Kirsten can opt to allow the child to connect with her as an adult.

Secondly, Kirsten's life has been derailed. She needs to get back on course -- to go to nursing school. While in school she may find other young women who also have fallen prey to controlling boyfriends. She won't dauhter so alone. As an aside, Katrina should not have given Kirsten her phone to contact John. Of course, she realizes that now, but maybe for the wrong reason. Parents need to be on the same page.

If she disagreed with her husband she dr phil daughter dating bad boy have talked about it instead phhil going behind his back. This poor girl is going to end up dead if she doesn't get away from him. We read it in the papers every single day. SO HOW IS SHE Dsughter TO BE A GREAT MOM? SHE HAS NO WAY TO SUPPPORT HERSELF AND A BABY, AND NO WAY TO PROTECT THAT BABY WHEN SHE CAN'T EVEN PROTECT HERSELF.

SHE STILL HAS A CHANCE TO MAKE A GOOD LIFE FOR HERSELF. I found the mother so frustrating. As a mother of a daughter dr phil daughter dating bad boy had a very serious boyfriend as a 17 year old-I can speak from experienc-you have to protect them from themselves! TERMS OF USE PRIVACY POLICY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED CBS Television Distribution.

Teen Whose Parents Claim Is ‘Corrupting’ Her Younger Sister Walks Off Dr. Phil Stage

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