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The Sting of Rejection

How to Transform Rejection into Opportunity

It happens to all of us at some point in our lives. When we are rejected we tend to do one of three things: Our thoughts about rejection determine what we believe and ultimately what we do in response to the hurt. But it all starts in the mind. When we rehearse what the other person dealing with rejection christian dating to reject us, then we have begun the process of solidifying a belief into an offense. This is what so many tragic shootings stem from — hatred develops after obsessive thinking becomes justification for an offense to punish others for their actions.

The level of pain is often tied to the level of commitment. If we have been deeply invested, it is hard to move forward without looking back. God gives us the key to overcoming negative dealing with rejection christian dating in response to rejection: God made sure to tell us how important it is to guard and renew our minds. By submitting our will to the will of God through prayer, we will have a renewal of peace. Goodbye feelings of rejection!

Knowing that what someone meant as rejection, God meant as protection is freeing. Single Matters Jesus experienced dealing with rejection christian dating worst kind of rejection by his friend Judas and the leaders of His day. Rejection even to death. But that very rejection is what allows you to overcome the real enemy. In fact, it may be God who is protecting you and making sure you get His very best.

Feelings are real and yet are not always truth. The Bible says that we are made up of a soul: And that is what matters. Overcome the enemy of your soul with the Spirit of truth. Ask God what He thinks of the situation, then wait for an answer. As you read the Word, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what God wants you to see. Once you know His thoughts you can commit to think like God.

Now you are rehearsing His word in your mind. Words have the power to keep you stuck in rejection or help you overcome. It may sound like this: I am going from glory to glory and God will bring me someone that sees me as the gift that I am. Go as far as blessing them in prayer, and watch the enemy lose his hold. Your pain will leave, and the enemy will be defeated by your love!

Overcoming rejection can be a shorter process than it has been in the past. You can have the life you were meant dealing with rejection christian dating live by getting rid of the thoughts that keep you bound to the lies of the enemy, and stepping into freedom to think like Christ. Your emotions will follow suit, and you will have the joy of the Lord deep in your soul.

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I just recently not too long ago got rejected by an online date and I sure needed to read this. This was right on time Thank you By on January 28, 8: Wyatt on January 29, 4: Think the biggest thing to do in a relationship is go slow and avoid temptations, be careful. Also take time to know them, spend time together in public, meet their family. I'm learning the hard way, this is a great site, godly.

Thank u Tim By on January 26, 5: Wyatt on January 26, 8: He does have a plan for me and I want His plan for me and not my own. Thank you for sharing this. It is great to be reminded that we need to live for Him and of course we will be rejected, but He still has His plan for us! God definitely has a plan for you! Wyatt on January 26, 7: Christian Dating Marriage Counseling Porn Addiction Dealing with rejection christian dating Retreat Blog.

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Surviving The Worst Kind Of Rejection

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