Park shin hye and jung yong hwa dating evidence



Why would Cnblue have their new dormitories in the same building as her parents out of junb the available in Souel? Couldn't datting find any other? This was inviting these rumors I would have avoided it at all cost if I did not want it. For the first time I think Shinhye and Yonghwa might just be friends because I would not want prak girl friend to misconstrue the situation no matter how innocent. As a prague dating site of Shinhye, I would not like it too if they were a couple.

But, I am fine if Shinhye's emotions are not involved. I don't think it is true though! If one of the famous journalist in Korea doesn't believe it at all, then there's no sense in minding these issues. If ShinHye and YongHwa are real couple, I could understand them if they keep on denying yonv relationship just to get rid of those pitiful issues from the Goguma Fans. Just the funny thing is that, even if they keep on saying that they're just friends, people around them just don't see it that way!

But whatever is their relationship now, I'm happy for it. Friendship is the most important aspect in a strong relationship! If I was in Seohyun's place and really dating Yonghwa, I would be extremely jealous of openly acknowledged closeness on every occasion between him and Shinhye. If he park shin hye and jung yong hwa dating evidence really a boyfriend, he would have been extremely careful about making sure that her girlfriend is protected by not being so close with any other girl to the extent he is with Shinhye.

Furthermore, asking Shinhye to give love and support to cnblue for 20, 30 or years in other words mean forever. I really really sating love yongshin and hope they become lovers. But i still very confused. I search video on youtube, there are lots of video datnig yonghwa saying that he chose seohuyn over shinhye or seohuyn is his ideal girl, he even shouted in a show that he loved seohuyn I feel heartbreaking every times saw that. Besideswhen i google, i only saw that yonghwa denied the rumors about dating shinhye, but he didn't actually denied the rumors with seohuyn, only their agencies denied.

Can you ajd me more imformation about this. Everybody is welcome here but please let's maintain the air of love and respect PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING OUT FROM THIS SITE WITHOUT PROPER CREDIT. What's Inside Albums 5 Awards 2 Concerts 1 Dramas 9 Endorsement 4 Events 16 Interviews 5 Magazine 81 News Project 1 YongShin Friday, March 29, Same Old: Confirmed to be living in the same villa.

Chosun Ilbo via Nate. I'd rather believe the Dispatch documents saying that Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye are dating, it's just that they're having difficulty tracking them because neither of them drive their own cars. Netizens have way more info on Yonng and Park Shin Hye. The muffler was a gift by an international WGM fan and the shirt is a sponsored item, as well as the sneakers.

Kim Yong Ho already came out and said this article's a groundless rumor. And please don't use NCSI in the title Just say 'delusional WGM fan'. It's in the Dispatch documents. No need to worry. Just believed in Yonghwa. We all know he can't do it. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Anonymous March 29, at Anonymous March 30, at 1: Anonymous March 30, at Anonymous March 31, at 2: Anonymous April 2, at 2: Unknown July 17, at Bianca Keynes March 9, at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Park Shin Hye ♥ Choi Tae Joon reportedly dating. Evidence released, agency responded

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