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Romantic Guide: 10 Things to do as a couple in tropical KL

4 Romantic spots in KL to hang out with your beau

Published by Melody Oei — 26 Apr Do you often find you and your loved one going through a list of fun activities nice place for dating in kl could possibly do together, only to end up being couch potatoes over the latest Korean drama series or "The Walking Dead"? In the event that you find yourselves, once again, cuddling up to each other in boredom, here is a list of nice place for dating in kl things you can do in KL as a couple!

Are you both a little tired of the suburban feel? Explore Kampung Baru, the curious enclave still nice place for dating in kl its original form - there seems to be a certain kampung charm about it. One-up from your average high tea, this meal is served in the Orchid Conservatory, a pretty 'glass house' filled with orchids avoid if allergic. Great pictures if you're an Instagram addict!

Skyscrapers not your thing? Bring your loved one into this quiet, leafy, wild boar territory - Tamarind Springs - an Indochinese fine dining restaurant built like a resort reaching into the trees. The stinky tofu here is the cause for the usual gridlock but no excursion to this night market is complete without it, this is the longest night market with the most variety.

Escape into utter privacy for a massage by ayurvedic and Thai massage experts with only Bukit Lanjan forest as your backdrop. This is only 10 minutes from The Curve! See the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge glistening in the sunlight, and then scramble over it. Resident caretaker of the temple Madam Wong is perhaps the only female fortune teller left who can decipher chim, the fortune sticks that predict your future - and it's only RM1.

Get the staff of this secluded bungalow to play you some iconic P. Ramlee films in their small but cosy in-house theatre - great way to relive the olden cinema days with your loved one! The neighbouring lake of the Seksan-designed KLPac is an ideal place to have a pre-show picnic. KLPac is nice place for dating in kl premier destination for exciting local contemporary theatre.

You can also emulate Kareena Kapoor at the Bollywood dance class, where movements popularised by Hindi movies will be taught. South of Port Klang is Pulau Carey - The island is home to the indigenous Mah-Meri people, known for their intricate wood carvings of spirit animals, which nice place for dating in kl sometimes used for spiritual healing. Watch the two abangs grill and then wrap up your double ayam special while loitering by the side of the road.

You could, hold hands while you're at it? Yut Kee has been churning out their famous chicken chops for about 80 years now. If you're inclined to pork, the roti babi is also a signature. Hit Fierce Curry House for classic Hyderabad dhum biryani served in a pastry-sealed bowl! It's always a classy affair at No Black Tie, where elegantly dressed regulars and nice place for dating in kl lovers gather for intimate live sets from international and local talents. Want to take your love to the next level?

Take it to the skies with Genting Skyway's mono cable car system, which makes nice place for dating in kl to Genting Highlands complete with audio guide. Want to show your date the world? Head up to the circular lobby on the 39th floor to get a degree view of KL, including an incredible shot of the Twin Towers as you step out of the lift.

Feeling a little adventurous as a couple? Join the un official LGBT nights, every Friday at Frangipani and Saturday at Market Place. Whatever you do, bring an open mind. The year-old Panggung Bandaraya is open for ten-minutes visits every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11am. Discover the rich history and Moorish architecture together. The pre-war shophouse setting is a sentimental treat; almost a century on, the shop is a breathing tribute to the lives of early Chinese migrants.

We know, it's not exactly the most romantic setting for a date. Hutong has more than 20 renowned hawker stalls under one roof - with air conditioning! Teh tarik and liquor are an unlikely combination, but this warm cocktail manages to balance the milky flavour of the tea and 12 years GlenLivet single malt whisky. Isn't it romantic how you can find that at Valentine Roti? At the nondescript Sze Ngan Chye roadside stand, takeaway has been the only option to enjoy the famous salted roast nice place for dating in kl since free dating sites for over 40s Chong family started business in the '50s.

If you're both tired of the usual Cantonese fare, try Shanghainese steamboat at Hong La Qiao, fill your bowls with porridge at Restoran Teo Chew or sample the spicy stewed pork at Xin Dong Tong. Think of craft brews as the Regina Spektor of the beverage world - quirky, in-depth and often full of surprises. Taps Beer Bar is the best place to try these beers all at one go.

One foot in and you'll feel like you've stepped into Tony Stark's bachelor pad. Double-heighted glass panels look out to the Twin Towers and elegant mood lighting shadows every exquisite detail. How KL do you think you are? Take Time Out KL's quiz: Follow Time Out KL on Twitter TimeOutKL. Get highlights of hottest news and must-share stories every day. News Fun Lifestyle Entertainment Tech IMHO SEISMIK Videos Klips.

Get our latest updates Follow saysdotcom! Bookmark These 30 Suggestions Published by Melody Oei — 26 Apr Catch a film at one of KL's longest-running cinemas. Explore Kampung Baru, a village smack bang in the city centre. Go for an afternoon tea among the orchids at the Majestic Hotel. Dine in the jungle without leaving the city at Tamarind Springs.

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