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I've found my soul mate. We've been together for 6 months and are perfect for each other. We are in a serious relationship. He is one of the nicest, sweetest men I have ever met. I met him on my 3rd encounter to your site, which was recommended by a friend. Thank you for your help to bring people together. I never thought that a dating site may affect my life.

I tried several local web-sites but all was wrong. Thank you for all your help! I'll recommend your great service to others. Lee and staff Thank you so much for your hospitality and professionalism during my visit. It is very much appreciated. I like the way your agency operates. LI've been searching for my soul mate for a long time, starting from my local agencies. I have dealt with many marriage agencies and I found that most of them are similar in one thing: Also they try to force you or convince you to choose a lady that they like, not the one you like.

I use to leave from one agency to go look for another one, even though some of them got mad at me: Now I'm fully satisfied with their service, which is more affordable comparing to the other agencies. Good luck in your search! At first I was a little sceptical, not believing that internet dating would work In the end - I found a great lady! Many thanks for giving us this chance to meet! I wanted to inform you that I have found an amazing man on this site!

We chatted and conversed on the phone several months ago and then lost contact. We found each other again and I have to say he is the most precious and dearest person I have ever met. Distance is a bit of an obstacle but we are determined to get to one another no matter what! Thank you so much! I wish that everyone on this site is able to find the person they are searching for! I have met someone who is very special to me and will not need to look any further for a friend, companion, or someone to love I appreciated the site, very nice, found country contacts dating friends and will consider this site again in the future if needed.

We do truly thank you all for your help; Lynn and I got engaged together, Christmas Day We are now planning country contacts dating wedding; If any you are free on this date, you'll be more than welcome to come to our wedding country contacts dating. We have been together now for a year and plan to get married in January Will post you wedding photos. Thank you so much for introducing us. We have so many things in common and our children get along great, we truely couldn't be happier. If it wasn't for CCA we probably would have never had the chance to meet, so thanks again guys we really do appreciate country contacts dating.

My name is Rosemaree Manson. I am writing to let you know that the person that you introduced me to Michiel Strarrenburg. Michiel and I have been dating for a couple of months and Michiel has asked me to marry him and I have said yes! So we no longer require any dates. Thank you so much for helping us. Gerda and I would like to thank CCA for introducing us in July We spoke regularly on the phone for a month after being introduced and then met for the first time in August We country contacts dating each other regularly now and have been away on a 2 month holiday last year.

We plan to marry some time soon. We have found each others soulmate. He met a little country girl Beside a mountain stream Is the little country girl The lady of his dream Like a cloud to a mountain Breeze to morning mist Warm and gently caressed him With a tender sweet kiss With water running swiftly Crashing down a water fall Trees towering overhead And sound of bellbird call Along the mountain path They wandered hand in hand Through the ferns and mosses And along the river sand They were lost up in the mountain That towers high above They were lost up in the dating personals yahoo relationships seeking In a cloud of love They were lost up in the mountain Silly it may sound They were lost up in the mountain In each other they found love.

Bob and I met through the agency. Bob called me three nights after the agency gave him my number. The first time he called, we spent about an hour on the phone, I was delighted, we had hit it off straight away. We spoke about what we expected out of life, what we expected in our partners, etc. After that, Bob and I spoke every night. After the first week, we both felt that we were meant to be together forever. Every weekend, Bob came to see me. The more we saw each other, country contacts dating closer we became, and the more we started to love each other.

About ten months into our relationship, Bob rang me at work one day to make plans for dinner, unfortunately I had made plans with work friends. We all went out to dinner together, at the end of the night when it was just the two of us, Bob then proposed to me. I was very shocked and excited and screamed yes straight away. I then felt a bit upset because now I knew he had planned a special night for both of us, but we went out with my friends. It is a night I will not forget.

We have been engaged since January and now we are planning to have a wedding at the end country contacts dating the year. We have both found what we were looking for. We are very country contacts dating for what the agency has done for the both us. Re the conversation you had with my Husband Steve about our introduction thru CCA. Steve received your phone call whilst he was on a side show ride called country contacts dating Cha-Cha so he did very well to copy my number down. H He rang me on his mobile at about 7: We meet right on time and had coffe we talked and talked Peter first contacted me in December and we spoke everyday after that.

He was a little hestitate at first about the fact I had 3 children but country contacts dating was quickly overcome. My three girls and I moved to the Yorke Peninsula in January and settled into farm life straight away. My parents had a farm until I was 16 so it was an easy transition for me. Peter and I were married at our engagement party on April 6 - we surprised most people!!!

It was a great day, surrounded by our families and friends. It was held on the oval of the cricket club Peter plays for. We received feedback from people that it was the best they had been to. September 27th saw the arrival of our beautiful little man, Brock.

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