Dating pregnancy after early miscarriage

How do you calculate due date after miscarriage?

Working out a due date after a miscarriage?

Hi ladies, Has anybody got pregnant before they had a period after miscarriage? I haven't had a period and got pregnant so i should be about weeks. The doctor did tell me to wait for one period to try again, I guess I didn't think it could happen so quickly Hi mamae, same thing happened me and i went on to have a healthy happy baby. So happy,to hear your good news. I had one cycle after mc, but tried straight after. This month has been so long, and I feel im longing so much tat it will never happen.

Mamae I got pregnant straight after a miscarriage and have my dd from that pregnancy. Hope that offers some reassurance. Very best of luck xxx. Well im back on board Doctor didnt say anything to me except she put me down as 7 weeks im more likely 6 wks and im waiting for an early scan. I have to say i do feel more pregnant than before This time round i feel dating in your 40s forum and my boobs are a clear give away!

HappyBumpx no advice for avter I'm afraid but I hope you're keeping well. I'm not even sure if I do any more or not. So am waiting for a couple of cycles. I suspect we will try one more time but if there is another MC that will be the end I'm I was 8 weeks pregnant and went for an early dating pregnancy after early miscarriage 3 weeks ago to be told that I had a missed misscarriate and my baby did not develop.

I am not longing even more for a baby, and so is my DH. Am i going crazy for wanting to start soon or is this normal. Its like everywhere i look i see pregnant girls or girls with new born babies, and im so jelous, not in a bad way but in a longing way. Got some good news today. Had an early scan and everything seems to be fine.

We could see the heartbeat and everything. Consultant reckons baby is about 6 weeks. It still early stage, but please God everything will be ok. Thank you so much for the replies girls. I too did a lot of reading on the internet and was too under the impression that the reason the doctors tells us to wait was for dating purposes. It was only when I called my consultants secretary to make an appointment and she basically gave out to me because I did not wait and told me not to be surprised if I had miscariage mc… I was so upset and in tears after speaking to her.

I am having a early scan at 7 weeks and hopefully everything will be ok. I will keep you posted. Holidays, congrats on your pregnancy, I hope all goes prevnancy for you. So sorry for afher of you its a horroble time. Doctors say to wait so they can date your pregnancy more accurately and for you to heal emotionally. I know lods of girls who didnt wait and went on to have healthy eafly. After my d and c i chose to wait one cycle dating pregnancy after early miscarriage, got pregnant then dating pregnancy after early miscarriage miscarried.

PLease god you willbe fine and you were just unlucky last time. You certainly dont have a problem getting pregnant! I sorta think if ur body wasn't ready to get pregnant dating pregnancy after early miscarriage it wouldn't have let u get pregnant. Try not to worry too much easier said then done i wish you all the best and please god in 9 months time you'll be holding your bundle of joy.

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Fri 13 Apr, Wed 07 Mar, Any advise would be fantastic. Mon 05 Mar, Hi Girls, So sorry for both of you its a horroble time.

How soon after a miscarriage can I start trying to get pregnant again?

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