Effects of dating a married woman

How falling in love with a married woman ruins your life: We're used to hearing mistresses talk about how frustrated and guilt-ridden they feel. But here a MAN reveals his side of the story

Danger Close: Should You Date Married Women?

People say love is blind. Well, it can be blind but you are not THAT blind to judge whether or not you should be dating married women. Maybe you would date a married woman, depending on the situation. But you are fore warned, dating married women can be an arduous task. Not to mention you would somehow have to suffer emotionally if the relationship does not end too well after it blossomed.

In the past, a married woman is so stay at home to do household chores. But now, with the freedom to have their own career and occasional shopping trips with the girls, more and more women are taking up this opportunity to seek other men to fulfill their sexual desires or just for friendship. While you are going head over heels for her, have you thought about the consequences that you might face?

Most married women are not looking for long-term relationship. At the same time, they would not want a divorce from the current relationship. All they are looking for during this secret pursuit is just to look for the effects of dating a married woman, care and love that they are deprived of. The fact is that managing a relationship with a married woman can be pretty tough.

As the matter of fact, it effects of dating a married woman advisable that you say something about it. It is her husband that she is cheating. Imagine, if she treats him with so much disrespect, how can you ever feel secured in that effects of dating a married woman Well, you may think that it not a big deal. It does not involve you directly, does it? But what really happens if the husband finds out? Not only you will end up hurting yourself, emotionally and physicallybut also you will end up hurting the husband and your beloved lover.

Would not that be effects of dating a married woman But if you are truly madly with her and the fact that having an affair with her still entices you, then find ways to please her while the relationship lasts. This would include giving her the pleasure that she has been longing for and the attention she needs. Give her a good time - A married woman starts an affair to have hot sex. So, make sure to give her extra attention in bed. Put her pleasure first. Keep your mouth shut about the affair - Don't start announcing it to your friends about the hot married woman you're seeing.

There's no stopping it. Try to keep it low key. You would not want the husband come chasing after you, would you? Don't get touchy with her - She is married and she already has effects of dating a married woman husband to take care of. She doesn't want to get to know you too well or to listen to you blabbing about your problems. See, having a fling with a married woman IS tough. So, think twice about it. This is going to be a complicated relationship, so quit if you know you are not going to handle it well.

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Danger Close: Should You Date Married Women?

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