Sociopath dating another sociopath

Here Is What Happens When An Empath Meets A Sociopath

6 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Sociopath

Openly date, where's the fun in that? Between me and mine we ruin twice as many people- nearly a decade so far without being caught and we both know exactly what we are, makes for better planning over a spliff and some wine. It might help if one is more dominant though Anotyer knows that female 'paths don't exist. Violent women are, and always sociopth been, victims of madness and men.

That we express our will to power through the cultural prestige of motherhood, or mothering as a profession, is lost on a culture that cannot sociopath dating another sociopath of female brutality. We carry life, we're celebrated; we parade newborns, we're elevated; we neglect or smother them, we're protected; we poison patients, we're overlooked; we prey on the young, the elderly, the weak, the lonely No, of course we don't - biologically, oops I mean culturally, we women just can't WANT to do that.

Female Sociopaths are the most dangerous and very much so exist. Prey you don't have one close to you. Ever met a CPS worker? A lot of them are sociopaths. Ronda Waring, Jamie Jones, Luz Campas I know of anorher curious please repost anymore info on datinh three ty. At first I thought you might be retarded, then when reading on I realized you just spurt beautiful sarcasm. Proving the intelligence of females! Didn't sociopath dating another sociopath consider it being sarcasm until the end!

Yeah, I definetely do believe that so many men are really stupid. But it's not sociopath dating another sociopath they are easier to manipulate genetically, it is simply that men will do anything for a girlfriend in the first place, so lying to them to become theirs is just so much easier! I can't believe Jack's a brand and I'm not! I really enjoyed it at first but it didn't end very well: Sociopaths would end up by killing one another, a sociopath will always find a codependent.

That is people are sociopaths. You are or you aren't. There are other common disorders that are similar to anti social disorder. How does shooting guns and acting make you a sociopath? I myself do not shoot guns but do suffer from Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. Oh dear, I lied - I don't suffer but my darling children do. It's so much more socially acceptable than psychopathy in much the same way that SIDS is so much more socially acceptable than infanticide. I feel like global rule number one of trolling chat forums is learning to spell This comment has been removed by the author.

It might work if they can focus on a big project as a team. Rockefeller and his wife seems to have it fine. Relationships require some kind of polarity to create a spark and then sustain. Your mask of caring enabler might not be a strong enough polarity as with his fiance to be his primary. I get the obsession for a fascinating object of love.

It's a beautiful delicious torture which brings out your own soul and game. I wish he was more fully available to you. Or perhaps that is what fuels your passion to win? And anything is possible in the arena of human relations, sociopath dating another sociopath happiness. Sparklebug How does it feel to be just one generation away from white trash? They abandon the "reads" till they find the right one and then exploit the favored read til datkng exhausted. Then they start over the process regarding another subject.

It is a puzzle, and it's fun for them. Omg, my ex would beam like crazy when he finally hit on something. It's sociopath dating another sociopath a hobby. I've had a fair share of 'healthy' relationships but lacked any spark so I was very bored and just walked away. When I date people that are in almost complete opposition to me, or to certain traits I have, and there's a spark, a anothsr, a something I can't see two essentially emotionless people being romantically interested in each other for long.

Games wouldnt' work well on sociopatu other. They have to pair up and focus those games outwards, but then they could just as easily continue their games alone. Masks would slip, sure, there'd be no point for them, but then there sociopath dating another sociopath also no tension from maintaining that mask either. I don't see it being very interesting for very long. I was in a relationship with someone else with ASPD for two years and it worked very well for a while. We smoked together every day, did anotger together, talked sociopath dating another sociopath all of our friends and what we thought would happen between them, etc.

We got into physical fights several times, and I remember one time when he pinned me down we were both so turned on that we forgot what we were fighting about and fucked. It can be very exciting, but I sociopathh think this kind of relationship can last. It was a never-ending power struggle. It's a shame, though. Something he told me recently sums up our relationship well: But you're also the only person who makes me fucking crazy.

But neither one of us was willing to relinquish control and submit to the other. Sparklebug I like your sense of humor. I don't mean any harm. Just that you are not the typical reader. Does anybody around here know their IQ? If so please tell: It was only in retrospect that I realized that she was what she was. She did everything that I did in a relationship. She datinng caught me in a particularly weak state. I was just coming off a major ego blow. I was in a destructive mode and she endorsed it.

She laughed at the things I laughed at. She was the best crier I have ever met. Whether it was fake or not doesn't matter. She was so good at it that it damn well brought me near to socioopath. She knew exactly the things to say. She was gorgeous to me beyond words. I could see myself in her. She was this perfect trophy to me and that is the way I thought about her. I wanted to lock her away in a case so that only I could enjoy looking at her wavy black hair, pouty red lips, alabaster skin, and perfect curves.

In the end though we were both the same thing to each other, trophy's. As is the case of trophy's you don't want just one. She struck the first blow and I was already setting up my next target.

9 Signs That You’re Dating a Sociopath

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