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For many, staying sober requires being in constant contact with people like themselves. Or for people who do not live in areas where step or Smart Recovery meetings are abundant. Gay sober people outside of urban areas often are looked upon as pariahs. Sotes Mann of Boston is the founder of Sober Grid, a brand new social media app that is a veritable Facebook for sober people. Mann, sober gay dating sites is gay, founded the app along with two other gay men. He was supposed to attend the event with his boyfriend, sober gay dating sites the relationship ended the day before the flight.

So he found himself in Utah all alone, dtaing upset. I wanted to be with the sober population. Mann knew about the wild success of social media apps used by gay men to hook up for sex or dating, such as Grindr and Scruff. But as every gay man knows, those apps are not a good idea for most people trying to stay sober. The secret is out -- gay men meeting on these apps and contracting HIV has become a national story due to mounting scientific soober.

Because the sex often involves drugs and alcohol. So Mann set out to create an app not for sex, not for dating, but for staying sober with other sober people. The wober just rolled out last week for Android and iPhone. Already, there have been 25, downloads. The app does have filters and ways to customize your profile. Many people trying to stay sober often find that access to meetings is a problem.

Many people find themselves in Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, only after getting a DUI and datung their license. Sober Grid helps solve that problem. It helps make carpooling easy. That means the user is, well, ready to use, and therefore needs help and support from others. Many users on the app already are posting about how much they love it. They say the app is a good replacement at times for Facebook, which can be habit-forming in and of itself.

Indeed, something sties to the drama that causes one to drink or use can roll into their news feed at any time. Sober Grid is about positive memes and posts of encouragement. The app does have a few kinks since it was just rolled out last week, but updates already are in the sober gay dating sites, Mann said. The news site is a shared resource of original content and syndicated articles.

Datihg CARE Center i s the only primary care gayy in southern Connecticut specializing in LGBT health sober gay dating sites Transgender care, dwting well as HIV, PrEP, Hepatitis C and STI testing and treatment. LGBTQ Womens Health PrEP Opinion Mental Health Brilliant Bro Southern U. Gay, Sober, and Looking to Connect? There's an App for That. David Heitz July 15th, LGBT issuesgay issuessober livingAlcoholics AnonymousSober Grid.

Mann became sober in Like many people do, he relapsed, in Related Stories What It Means To Be HIV Siber By: Next Event Jun Sober gay dating sites Equal West Avenue Suite 2B Norwalk, CT PH:


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