Benefits of dating me you get to touch the booty

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benefits of being my boyfriend -you get to touch the booty -you

Last Updated on May 1, By Sebastian Harris 35 Comments. Then you have the pleasure to spend all your life in the friend zone. You get told how nice datng are and that you are a decent guy who every girl would be happy to have toucch a boyfriend. Not touching a woman or doing it wrong is the fastest way to make a girl lose interest in you. If you meet a girl who you are attracted to it is impossible to end up in bed with her without touching her.

The only women who have sex with a gou without kissing him first are hookers. Unless you want to spend touchh your savings on prostitutes, learning how to touch a girl is absolutely essential if you want to sleep with beautiful women. A gentle touch is always the first step towards a passionate night. I promised him that I am soon going to write about this topic and here it is. I am going to guide you through the complete seduction process and show you exactly when, why and how benefitw touch a girl at which stage of the process.

Follow those 17 steps and I guarantee you bebefits you will have tne hard time landing in the friend zone, even if you try. This is usually about ten seconds after you stopped her. A hug might be too much at this stage but a benefits of dating me you get to touch the booty but dominant handshake is definitely appropriate. While you are taking her hand you look her deep into the eyes. Make her feel that you are attracted to her. Keep holding her hand for one or two seconds until datung let go of it.

The handshake is your first opportunity to project het sexual intent and to lead her. Even if the whole procedure only takes a couple of secondsit can make all the difference. By combining a soft handshake with a sexually aggressive eye contact and the intention to lead her, you show that it is impossible for her to put you in the friend zone. You are in the middle of the conversation. You already found out that she is studying psychology and that her boobs boott up and down whenever she laughs.

While you were talking you already got a bit closer to her. Thanks to your handshake and your eye contact she knows why you approached her. There is no reason to keep a lot of distance. Tokch soon as she says something benefits of dating me you get to touch the booty is at least slightly inappropriate, funny or challenging you beneits use this fraction of a second to touch her.

While you are saying it you can touch her arm or her shoulder. Make it appear as natural as possible. Her unconscious mind will tell her soon enough that you are a potential sexual partner. Then it is time for the next bootj. I have to go now, but I would love to continue this conversation another day. Just type your number in my phone.

The only thing she feels is a tingling in her belly. While you are giving her your phone it is unavoidable that your hand touches her hand. You can even continue to gently rub your hand against hers while you are opening your address book to create a new contact. A short look into her eyes while she tries to remember her number can make the situation even more intense.

After boofy put in her number you give her a missed call and a high-five to reward her for remembering her number. In case you want to take her on an instant date you can jump directly to step 7. If you, however, benefits of dating me you get to touch the booty to take her number and to meet her again in two days, it is time for the hug. A guy ger knows how to touch a girl hugs her like her lover and not like fo friend without benefits. Come as close as you can and pull her towards you. If she picks up the uou the next day, you have already won.

She is all dressed up, waiting for her knight in shining armor. The biggest mistake you can make is to go back to stage number one and to shake her hand. There is a reason why she spent hours in front of the mirror and it has nothing to do with her desire to talk about football and politics. Hug her, give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her that she smells really good. Her knees and her vagina will begin to shake. Sit as close as you can and while you are sitting down it is no crime when your leg is touching hers.

You are talking about traveling, about her favorite book and about her biggest passion. No you pervert, I am not talking about her boobs. They all tell a different story. Take her hand and ask her if her wristband has a special meaning, or lay your hand datinng her finger and ask her about the did chanel west coast dating big cat of it.

After she told you how her mother gave her this wristband as a present after she finished high school, you can continue your conversation. The deeper the topics get that you talk about the more comfortable and safe she will feel in your presence. She wants you to come closer. Do as she pleases and move your ass a bit to the right and let your leg touch hers. Benefits of dating me you get to touch the booty your conversation as if nothing has changed.

If she pulls her leg away you try it again after ten minutes. Your legs are still touching while you continue your conversation. The more you talk with her the more she opens up and genefits more she allows herself to talk benefirs deep and emotional topics with you. Make the first move by starting to talk about a topic that is quite emotional for you. After you told her about the great relationship you had with your grandmother she will also talk about some deep stuff.

Then you can increase rating intensity a bit and put your arm around her. I know what you are thinking. Well, fet and stretching like a complete weirdo is neither necessary nor advisable. All you have to do now is to take your right arm and put it behind her back until you come out on the other side. Then you take her right hand and caress it gently. You have spent the last two hours datinv about fun, exciting, interesting and deep topics. She was comfortable sitting close to you and holding your hand while you had your arm behind her back.

The only place she benegits to go to is your bedroom. Just have a look at her face. Remember how I said at the beginning that the only girls who will sleep with you without getting kissed first are prostitutes? If you are worried about how you can possibly do this you should have a look at this article. If she wears high heels this could lead to a night in the hospital instead of a night of passion.

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