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Many people has been asking me this question. Check rf4guides tag for other guides. Marriage requirement for Leon. For this event to trigger 1: You must be more than lv 7 of friendship leoh Confess to him and start dating him 3: Relationship must be more than 10 6: Leon dating rf4 all the conditions completed. Forte, Vishnal, Arthur, Kiel, Dylas, Doug, Leon, Lin Fa Event sequence: Next day, go to place near the hospital.

Next day, go the plaza in front of the castle. Next day, outside of the bath, Leon and Lin fa are talking. Letters from the Past Leon dating rf4 involve: Leon, Kiel, Forte, Arthur, Lin Fa, Xio Pai Event sequence: Around 8am Kiel will be running to the plaza. Go to Leon Karnak. Enter you room after you return. Next day, talk to Leon in his room.

Talk to Leon again. Next day, talk to Xiao Pai then talk to Leon 8. Leon will datiing with you onwards. Leon dating rf4 to the front of Idora Cave and then go west. Go to and click it. Fly to in front of Delirium Lave Cave. Talk to Xiao Pai at the bath when Leon is near the lake. Final events occur at Leon Karnak. Source from RF4 guide book and my experiences.

IMPORTANT THING REGARDING SUB EVENTS There are some patterns about sub events. Maybe an event will occur. Talk to everybody datign run around the town many times. You may trigger some random events. Make sure you are not in any unfinished sub event. No new sub event leon dating rf4 occur during a sub event. Then just talk to them.

Map 1 Map 2 Source from RF4 guide book and my experiences. Posted on Saturday, 5th of October with notes tagged: I'm Mali and I do translations when I feel like it. I basically trust my Japanese more than English so ignore the grammar mistakes okay.

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