Ac hook up at furnace

where do I hook the two wires from the condenser to the fu

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BillyHvacJourneyman HVAC Tech. Endorsed for unlimited heating, cooling, oil burners, boilers, refrigeration, hydronics. Type Your HVAC Question Here BillyHvac is online now. The furnace is an older Carrier Model XXXXX The stat is a white rogers 1f The stat has these wiring hook ups Rh-RC-W-C-Y-G The Furnace has R-Y-C-W-Gc-Gh The old stat only had a red and white wire.

I can't figure out how to hook up and make everything run correctly. Everything I read does not ac hook up at furnace the Gc and Gh that is on the furnace. This is my deliema. Wite to w, green to g, yellow to y, blueto C. At furnace, red to r, white to w, yellow to y along with the red to outdoor ac unit, green to gh, the white from the outdoor unit goes to C, and blue to C. Ask Your Own HVAC Question.

Please note I edited to add the blue wire at stat to C and at ac hook up at furnace furnace to C. I went to hook it up this way and I realized that the thermosat hdoes not have a C it has an B and O instead. Will this stat not work. I aplogize for the confusion. I did read that the B is charged in cooling and hooked the the Blue wire to the B and tried that it did not work. I so much appreciate your service. The red one on Y shares with the yellow from the stat and the other goes to C.

Ask your own question now. Ok so I hooked it up as you described. The furnace blower comes on. Also the fan runs constantl, no matter where the stat is turned to. Ok, two types of relative dating you have the furnace turned off when you changed the thermostat?

No I just took the cover off the front to stop it from coming on. Ok, look on the circuit board for a pink blade fuse, like a car fuse. Odds are it is blown and you just need a new fuse. I did not see any blade fuse on ac hook up at furnace, but I will double check. Also the fan runs all time. Would there be a bad fuse if the fan is running?

If it keeps running then a fuse is blown, ac hook up at furnace is bad or a limit is open. Right now the furnace is running ac hook up at furnace blower in a default emergency mode. Pull the wire from gc and see if it quits. Ok, the fan still runs when the G wire is on either terminal, and if it is not hooked up. Thanks again for your time. I touched the black lead to C and the red lead to R and no 24V. I switched it around and no 24volts. I also touched black to ground and red to R and C, no 24 volts This can't be good.

Now on the circuit board find sec1 and sec2 and see if power is there. No voltage to SEC! Ialso took off the transformer and hooked the black and white to from the wall to the line side and did not get but 1. If this were bad which it looks like it is would it allow the fan to still run all the time? I must be the worst you have ever had. Check the meter on something to verify.

I checked the v coming in to the furnace. I register that ok. Plus when I did a bench test I checked the voltage going into the transformer. So the transformer is getting v? This is common when replacing a thermostat. You need a new transformer which you could get right away from any heating and cooling shop. Then you should be all set to go. When I switched it over to heat, nothing worked. No fan which I believe is the first thing that must come on. Thank You so much.

I had a family emergency that pulled me to the west coastat very short notice. But here is the money I promised you. Once again sorry for the delay. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX the time you took to respond. If you have any other issues still let me know and we can work them out. Ac hook up at furnace Date Submitted I have ac hook up at furnace carrier furnace ' with a Heil Condenser.

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